Khejur Gur and Patali Gur — Queen of Flavours

Date Palm Jaggery got from the sap of Date Palm Tree ( Khejur or Khajur Tree). The sap is gathered from Date palm Tree and it’s cooked long (by the confectioners who are fundamentally ranchers) to change its straightforward shading to Burgundy Color and afterward it’s permitted to cool and cement. The hardening procedure regularly happens in an earthen pot which improves the flavor and offers life span to the item. Patali gur is a Bengal delicacy and notable to the remainder of the World. It’s utilized to mix flavor and taste to numerous treats and furthermore utilized in numerous ice cream parlor things.

‘Nalen Gur’, ‘Notun Gur’ or ‘Khejur Gur’ is Date Palm Jaggery that is one of a kind to Bengal. With the beginning of a pinch noticeable all around, the neighborhood sweet (dessert) shops, in Kolkata, is humming with energetic clients purchasing the dairy-based desserts made with the ‘New Jaggery’. ‘Nolen’ represents new, and ‘gur’ represents jaggery.

Khejur Gur / Patali Gur (Date Palm Jaggery)

This gur is accessible just during winter and has an unmatchable scent and flavor to it. The ‘gur’ is secured by family-based ranchers situated in suburbia of Kolkata, West Bengal. A cut is made into the Date Palm Tree and an earthen pot is connected just underneath it to gather the sap that seepages out from it. This sap is then bubbled in huge iron vessels and hardened into squares, and finally, sold in the business sectors. It is one of a kind since this entire procedure should be possible just during winter and, in this way, known as ‘Nalen Gur’ or New Jaggery. It is expended crisp, as well, throughout the winter months in light of the fact that in summer, because of the warmth it turns rank. It tends to be transformed into Date Palm Syrup for utilization as well.

There are no synthetic concoctions or additives included, it is totally natural and path more beneficial than sugar. Truth be told, Nolen gur is suggested for individuals with diabetes. Gur has a grungy and complex structure that guarantees a more slow arrival of sugar into the circulatory system when contrasted with refined and handled sugar.

The business sectors sell Nolen Gur squares enveloped by the neighborhood Bengali paper. Something that had consistently appeared to be so ‘consistently’, abruptly stood apart this time. Nalen gur, It is otherwise called ‘Notun (new/crisp) gur(jaggery)’ or ‘Khejur (date palm, not to be mistaken for palmyra tree) gur’ and is arranged uniquely in winters. It is accessible in the semisolid state when crisply arranged, and furthermore sold in its cemented structure as roundabout/oval circles called Patali gur.

The sweetness of ‘Prakriti’ or nature resembles an anticipating blessing to be found. Each winter in Bengal, nature sets herself up to blessing us the sweet nectar which is separated from the khejur or palm trees. This sweet nectar or the date palm jaggery is known to us, has its own crude procedure and specialty of planning.

Medium-term, drop by drop the sap falls into the earthen pot which is tied on a specific fragment of the date palm or khejur tree. Promptly in the first part of the day, the earthen pots are gathered, loaded up with crisp and cool sap.

When the crisp sap is gathered, it is then discharged into a metal dish or tala prepared for an ideal bubbling called jaal for a few hours, until the sap changes its shading from light dark colored into a profound brilliant darker and relishing its extraordinary fragrance. At last, it turns out to be somewhat gooey, marginally clingy. This is Nolen gur or the non-cemented type of date palm jaggery. The hardened structure is known as the Patali gur.

This new and solid Nolen gur includes a grand sweetness for some sweet dish arrangements and advancements for the taste buds. Throughout the winter numerous visitors experience this customary procedure of making Nolen gur and obviously entertain themselves with its perfect sweetness.

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