Put an End to Your Winter Cravings! Shop Khejur Gur, Online

Produced from raw concentrated sugar cane juice, Jaggery, or as we call it, Gur is consumed widely for everyday purposes. Many families today consider it a go-to sweetener. Not only because it tastes amazing but also because it has numerous health benefits too. Khejur Gur provides a good amount of minerals to the body and also helps in the process of digestion. This is one reason why many people prefer eating Patali Gur after a meal, as a substitute for their dessert cravings. The flavour of Gur is so heavenly and you can experience such mutual feelings in the whole India. However, Gur can be made from various different sources, the one made from sugarcane juice is the most commonly used.

Date palm and the sap of Coconut are two sources that can also be used to produce the Gur. These ingredients are usually used to produce Date Palm Jaggery or Date Palm Syrup. Talking about our old generations, they didn’t have different variations of desserts to calm down their sugar cravings. All they used to eat post their lunch or dinner were little pieces of Nalen Gurer Patali.

Khejur Gur / Patali Gur (Date Palm Jaggery)

Across the world, Gur is known by their different names, in different communities as well as regional places. Even though Khejur Gur is known by different names, it has few stunning benefits that can’t be ignored. Apart from being an all-time dessert, a little consumption of Khejur Gur can help in preventing constipation, detoxifying the liver, treating flu-like symptoms, works as a blood purifier, cleanses the body, immunity booster, eases the menstrual pain, cools the stomach, boosts intestinal health, controls blood pressure, prevents respiratory problems and helps in weight loss too, isn’t these benefits enough for you to start the Jhola Gur consumption right away? Being a good source of energy, it helps the body from feeling the fatigue or weakness, which is quite common with the changing weather. In India, you may find people belonging to the old-age group eating a piece of jaggery after a meal, now you know why!

If you too want to experience the health benefit of their amazing food ingredient, waste time no more and shop it from the best and trustworthy supplier online. Contact us at Fresh Fish Basket and get top-quality Gur at amazing prices.

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